Getting ready to go out, playing rowdy fun music on a Friday night. “Where’s my eyelash glue?” Taking pictures. “Can I borrow this?” Transforming yourself, becoming yourself. Spreading beauty. Makeup is a ritual. Makeup is photography, is fashion, is colour theory, is painting. Makeup is magic.

This is a blog about my adventures in makeup. I have always loved to play with it and have done friends’ makeup countless times. There will be how-tos, inspired looks, tips/tricks, reviews, and guides.  I am writing for the beauty junkies, for the students, for the party girls of the world, for the loud and wild, but I am also writing for the younger and the older, for the minimalists and the professionals, for the reserved and for the inexperienced. This is a blog for new and practiced makeup junkies. Beauty is for everybody.

Beauty should be exciting. Every time I sit down at my mirror, or throw shit in my purse to get ready on the way, or pass the cosmetics aisle in a store, I get excited about what might happen. Today is a blank canvas. Beauty blogging should be fresh.

I hope this blog feels like flipping through magazines with your favourite drink in hand. Sunbathing in the backyard with sangria, poolside lemonade, Sunday morning with a coffee, or by the fire with hot chocolate. Reading online or watching videos. Catching up on the world of cosmetics. We’re all friends here- let’s do our makeup.

Excited to blog about my favourite thing,

xx Shell

PS- here is my cosmetics collection. You can see me in the back, re-evaluating my life.